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Being Canadian finally gets to the bottom of the question everyone around the world wants answered… who will win Dancing With The Stars? But until that is solved, we have this film, where I go on a personal quest to find out what it really means… to be Canadian.

After moving to the United States when I was 17, I finally got tired of people outside of Canada not knowing, caring, or even thinking about Canadians. Not that there is any rule they should, but I think Canadians should be seen as more than vanilla Americans-lite, who spend most of the year encased in ice, “hunting moose with hockey pucks” (a direct quote from someone in L.A., with no irony). I had had enough of battling these annoying stereotypes, but, having lived outside Canada for so long, I wanted to make sure the country I had been battling for was still the way I remembered it.

So I decided to take a road trip across my beloved homeland, from coast to coast, and speak with a variety of my fellow Canadians, some more well-known than others, to get their opinions on my lifetime issue. And I set the deadline for an answer to be Canada Day, July 1st. Would I make it in time? Could I get my answer? And why did I care so much about the winner of Dancing With The Stars?

Director Rob CohenWhat occurred was not only the physical trip of a lifetime, but my realization that there was so much I knew – and didn’t know, about the greatest country in the world. This is a film about self-discovery, comedic enlightenment, and way too many embarrassing stops for donuts.


Below is just a sample of some of the amazing folks we have interviewed:

BC-8-Mike-Myers-w_-Flag-450pxMike Myers — Michael J. Fox –Conan O’Brien –Ben Stiller –Seth Rogen –Dan Aykroyd

BC-50-Rob-&-Rush-w_-Flag-SILLY-450pxRush — Rich Little — Catherine O’Hara — The Barenaked Ladies
Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell

BC-18-Rob-&-William-Shatner-w_-Flag-450px-Will Arnett — Rick Mercer — William Shatner — Eugene Levy — Martin Short –Jason Priestley

Morley Safer — David Steinberg — Paul Shaffer — Russell Peters — Alan Thicke — Alex Trebek

Alanis Morissette — Malcolm Gladwell — Dave Foley — Howie Mandel — Nathan Fillion — Caroline Rhea

Cobie Smulders — The Commissioner of the CFL — The Trailer Park Boys — The head of the CBC

The Royal Canadian Air Farce — Miss Canada — Canadian writers from The Simpsons and Modern Family and other pale, repressed types.

This doc is incredibly pro-Canadian. A warm, funny, patriotic examination of the greatest (and often most overlooked) country in the world. At the end of the movie, and my journey, the audience will have a much more accurate picture of “us,” and what it is truly like Being Canadian.

Unless we lose the film in the snow.

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